Seven Secrets of Synergistic Seeing
How to expand your sense of vision, and find yourself in the world more beautiful and colourful than you ever imagined
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    Elena Maslova-Levin

    Art lover, artist, scholar

    What you will learn

    • What is "synergistic seeing", and how to re-create this experience in your day-to-day life.
    • How we unconsciously get in the way of our own visual experiences, and how to reverse this pattern and allow art's full transformational potential to work its magic in your life.
    • How anyone can develop a "painter's eye" (without actually painting), and how it can expand your creative potential in any field.
    What other people are saying

    "I don't have words for this now, other than I am amazed at how my experience of art has evolved so much. I've heard people talk about paintings this way before, and intellectually understood them.... What a far cry from experiencing the reality of it." Gerry Smith,